Reading Waves - Issue #1
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Reading Waves - Issue #1

This is Minjie Shi and here is the first edition of Reading Waves - your weekly guide to find stocks that have hit 52-week high.

This newsletter is inspired by Brian McCullough from a podcast called TechMeme Ride Home. Brian mentioned in the end of an episode that he was having issue finding a place to easily screen the stocks that have been hitting the 52-week high. At that time, I thought I might be able to create something to solve this issue. Hence, after playing with different tools and coding for a bit for a while, I have finally cracked the code and managed to create this newsletter to share with the world regarding such information.

The stocks I have done the comparison for the 52-week high information is mainly coming from the Technology stocks from NASDAQ. Here is the link to all the stocks I have been tracking for this newsletter. If you would like to add some additional stocks, please let me know via

‌‌The data shown in all Reading Waves' content is not intended as legal, financial or investment advice and should not be construed or relied on as such. Before making any commitment of a legal or financial nature you should seek advice from a qualified and registered legal practitioner or financial or investment adviser.

Top 10 stocks hitting the 52-week high from last week

Ticker Company Name Industry 52wks High Price Date for 52wks High No. of Hits
ALOT AstroNova Inc. Computer peripheral equipment 17.87 23/04/2021 5
RELL Richardson Electronics Ltd. Electronic parts & equipment 8.52 23/04/2021 5
STX Seagate Technology PLC Computer storage devices 89.15 23/04/2021 5
MTBCP MTBC Inc. Prepackaged software 29.51 23/04/2021 4
ADP Automatic Data Processing Inc. Data processing & preparation 195.86 23/04/2021 3
ERII Energy Recovery Inc. Special industry machinery 21.68 23/04/2021 3
RP RealPage Inc. Prepackaged software 88.72 21/04/2021 3
ASML ASML Holding Special industry machinery 670.91 23/04/2021 2
CTG Computer Task Group Inc. Custom computer programming services 11.57 23/04/2021 2
GFN General Finance Corporation Equipment rental & leasing 18.98 23/04/2021 2

Top 10 stocks hitting the 52-week high so far in 2021

Ticker Company Name Industry 52wks High Price Date for 52wks High No. of Hits No. of Consecutive Hits
FTNT Fortinet Inc. Computer peripheral equipment 206.14 19/04/2021 26 9
VIAC CBS Corporation Television broadcasting stations 100.34 22/03/2021 25 8
SONO Sonos Inc. Household audio & video equipment 43.89 15/04/2021 25 5
UCTT Ultra Clean Holdings Inc. Semiconductors & related devices 65.01 05/04/2021 23 5
HQI HireQuest Inc. Help supply services 20.25 15/04/2021 22 9
TRIP TripAdvisor Inc. Computer programming, data processing, & other computer related 61.03 17/03/2021 22 6
IMOS ChipMOS TECHNOLOGIES INC. Semiconductors & related devices 35.65 21/04/2021 22 5
STX Seagate Technology PLC Computer storage devices 89.15 23/04/2021 21 7
KFRC Kforce Inc. Help supply services 56.39 16/04/2021 21 5
SYNA Synaptics Incorporated Semiconductors & related devices 143.20 22/03/2021 20 7

That is it, this is the first edition of Reading Waves. If you like or would like to see anything improved in the newsletter, feel free to reach out via If you do see some value from this newsletter, why not share it with your friends as well.

To encourage more people to read about the information, I would make the first 4 issues completely free for anyone to view. After that, for all the paid subscribers, you will get the issues weekly; for all the free users, you will get the issue monthly.

Stay awesome! 😄

Minjie Shi